A hike (300 km of marked hiking trails) through wooded valleys, lush meadows and pastures up to the rocky peaks. Beautiful easy to difficult hiking tours will show you all the splendor of the various and unique natural and cultural landscape of our valley. Certified mountain and ski guides offer guided mountain hiking, climbing tours, ect. for everyone.

Hiking paradies Golzentipp

With the gondola directly into the family paradise for hiking, unique cottages up on the Golzentipp with its magnificent panoramic view. Just lie in the sun and enjoy the nature while the kids play on the new nature playground. There is something for everyone here at the Golzentipp. A stop at the Conny Alm with a fantastic sun terrace with a view of East Tyrol’s mountains can not be missed on a trip to the Golzentipp.

The hike to the Steineckenalm begins in Liesing (below the church) or between Liesing and Klebas at “Liesingergraben”. From there, the path leads south along the Klebasbach to the Gail River. After crossing the Gail River over the bridge, a steep path leads steeply up to the Steineckenalm, where a wonderful view of the Lesachtal valley can be enjoyed.

Porzehütte and Tilliacher Joch
Under the magic peak of the mountain Porze is positionated the beautiful Klapfsee which can be reached by car from the valley. From there, a road leads to the Porzehütte where you can enjoy traditional food and drinks. Another goal is the Tilliacher Joch, the border between Austria and Italy, with a fantastic view of the Italian territory!

A very special kind of attraction
One genuine attraction for long-distance hikers and people who are historically aware is the Carnic altitude trail, or the “Peace trail” between Sillian and Arnoldstein. Eight to eleven day stages are required to tackle this route, which is some 150 kilometres in length. 11 inns and 30 easy to hike to summits are on the route. 100 years ago the area was the setting of a bloody high mountain war. The remains of old posts, rock caverns and soldiers’ cemeteries still bear witness to this terrible time between 1915 and 1918. Thousands of men had to sit tight in the summer and winter, at altitudes of between 2000 metres and 2700 metres; carry up large amounts of ammunition and weapons and live in the most adverse conditions in poor accommodation. In the course of the decades – since 1974 – the ruined sections of the route have been re-constructed to create one single connecting trail, which today brings together mountaineering fans from across the globe.

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